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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  March 21, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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families and their brothers in blue remembered them today. the kellerman memorial bridge now is a permanent reminder that they died heroically. and back at police headquarters, family, officers, and city officials signed the become of another sign for the other side of the freeway, leaving heart-felt messages not just about the way the four men died, but the way they lived. not lost on the surviving officers is the danger they face every day, now with 150 fewer officers than before that horrific day. >> it becomes the toughest job, and it is the toughest job in america. >> reporter: the toughest and the most dangerous job in america. so say police officers here. reporting live in oakland, rita
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williams, ktvu. >> on this some day for oakland police, hundreds lined up hoping to become opd's newest recruits. 1300 applicants waited to complete a written test. there are just 50 spots open. the entry-level salary starts at $75,000. >> this is a great place to be if you're able to serve and protect. it's a really important thing. >> the police academy starts in august, and the 50 new recruits plan to hit the streets as early as next february. and now to the san francisco sheriff scandal. david stevenson is live in san francisco with the promise the new interim sheriff is making to her deputies. david? >> reporter: a new heifer is in
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office after a tumultuous an historic day. >> reporter: the swearing-in ceremony was short but significant. >> sheriff of the city and county of san francisco. >> reporter: just shortly after the former sheriff was removed, he swore in san francisco county's first female sheriff. >> i'm anxious to get in the office and work with the people of the sheriff's department and get the job done. >> reporter: the former sheriff was sentenced after a domestic violence charge. his lawyer was served with these papers, alleging official misconduct, and abuse of lopez. >> i just think it's time for
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the circus to end, and for his family and the city to move forward. >> reporter: antidomestic violence advocates are encouraging san francisco sis cans to -- san francis cans to -- franciscans to contact their county supervisors. the city ethics commission is set to hear his case in the coming weeks. as part of his probation hearing, he has a dmsic violence training class -- a domestic violence training class. a group supporting victims of domestic violence has put up
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another sign targeting the former sheriff, saying domestic violence is never a private family matter. they put up a similar bill board in english last month. and now, find out more about the process involved in removing the former sheriff from office, and watch his statement about why he refuses to step down. we are getting new details now on developing news in brentwood. authorities tell ktvu news a man and a woman were shot and killed in a home on the east side of brentwood. they are a couple in their 40s, and the shooting was reported by the couple's teenage daughter. she has been taken to be reunited with other relatives. authorities tell us there is another sibling who was not at home at the time of the
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shooting. officials say they have covered a weapon and this appears to be a murder-suicide. we'll have more on the 10:00 news. there is still no sign of a mother from gilroy who may have been killed while her son is in afghanistan. >> reporter: this group of about a dozen people started praying the rosary. in the last hour, their mother still has not been found. >> reporter: one week has passed since sara liedle was killed, and this classmate still can't believe she won't see her again. >> i keep expecting her to be in the locker room.
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>> it's hard, because you're a mom. >> reporter: the mother is still missing, and evidence indicates she was harmd by her son, who suffered from ptsd and shot and killed his sister and himself. this is after more than 300 cases of ptsd were reversed. >> we want to make sure where this was appropriate, it was an isolated case. >> reporter: lawmakers hope they were not an effort to cut costs. >> no one should be denying any service member care purely because of a question of cost. >> reporter: meanwhile in the last half-hour, bureau police
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told us they hope to continue reviewing evidence, including blood and a cell phone. and neighbors are on a continued vigil until martha is found. officials say foul play is not suspected in the death of a san francisco man who went missing on a bike tour in death valley three days ago. the body of 67-year-old george koler was found yesterday near the camp scythe where he was staying. an autopsy is scheduled to determine the cause of death. a high school student is facing possible jail time, accused of making a bomb threat. christine asalino is accused of making a false bomb threat. the threat prompted officials to evacuate the school. stem cell treatments for humans could begin in just two
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years. the san francisco-based california institute for regenerative medicine was created 8 years ago. scientists claim they're making great strides toward treating ailments such as hiv, diabetes with and even blindness. >> we're asking these teams to tackle medical needs. >> there's questions about whether the state should help fund the issue. dozens of people looking for work attended a one of a kind job fair. the lbgt job fair hosted companies that are looking for lgbt individuals to help them.
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>> so far, it's been really good. >> this is the 26th year san francisco's lgbt community center has organized a job fair. efforts to make san francisco bar into a city land mark hit a snag today. the city deadlocked on the gold dust lounge, 3-3 on the measure. one member was absent, so a revote has been scheduled. the lease is up and the building's owner is trying to force the bar out. and a massive overhaul of the busiest bus line is also on track now. proposed changes include special bus islands and bus length. boarding through all doors, and also timed traffic lights on certain routes. they want to bring the program to 8 major bus lines, with the
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goal of reducing travel time by about a third. the city of walnut creek is installing parking meerlts that take credit cards. it can allow people to check for spaces and pay for parking with their smart phone. it is the largest ship to ever enter san francisco bay. and it is a sight to see, the new whale watching spot where we've caught sight of the latest gray whale to come close to shore. and we'll also have your forecast, including some rain for the weekend. patp8 @
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the santa clara sheriff's office is looking into tips a missing teenage girl on morgan hill. sierra lamont has not been seen or heard from. >> it's crazy, just one minute, you're talking to somebody and they're there, and the next minute, they're gone. >> today, deputies continued to interview residents in the morgan hill area, where sierra was seen leaving for her school bus. today, her father confirmed reports that he is a registered sex offender. steve lamont says, "i disclosed this information to date on the first day of this
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investigation." a mother pleaded not to child cruelty charges. she's accused of leaving her twins and lone in her suv while she went shopping. she was arrested after a witness heard the babies crying and called 911. a hearing has been scheduled for may 2. a court battle is being allowed to go ahead against the dodgers. the victim's family says the dodgers failed to provide adequate security. a man has been awarded a $22 million verdict in a lawsuit against the palo alto medical foundation.
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the plaintiff went to see about an unusual nerve in her brain. hewlett-packard is come behinding -- is combining their computer and printer divisions. prosecutors in brazil today filed criminal charges against chevron over an oil leak. the leak happened last year near a test well. chevron has denied any wrong doing. it's as long as the empire state building is tall, and today, the ms c fab -- msc
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fabiola entered the san francisco bay. >> reporter: we were in the bay to meet the largest ship ever to enter the bay. this is about more than just a big ship, it's about the challenge it has to get here. it is 170 feet wide and 1200 feet long. it's 100 feet longer than any other cargo ship to enter the bay. san francisco bay controllers have been training for months for her arrival. we were onboard the pilot boat as we pulled alongside, and as
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we got closer, it was difficult to see the entire ship end to end. special gps units were bag carried to tell pilots the exact will case of the ship down to just a few feet. ships like this will soon be common place in the bay. >> shipping companies are building ships bigger and bigger all the time. the fabiola can enter the bay fully loaded, because her keel is just below the allowed depth. she's traveling above the bottom of the baby about 15 feet. the real challenge is when it leaves the port of oakland tomorrow. there will only be about 100 feet of clearance on both sides of the ship tomorrow afternoon
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when they make that turn. we're getting an up-close look at another gray whale spending a little time in san francisco bay. our crew captured this video just this afternoon. a mother and her calf were first seen there over the weekend. the sight has driven a lot of people to the shore. the oceanic society says it will begin a study next month to see why whales seem to be drawn into the bay. bill martin join us now from the weather center with what to expect. >> our first weekend of spring, the temperatures are warm today. outside, we've got some light sprinkles headed your way. that's about it. the main thing it does is sort of creeks open the storm door more for the saturday storm we're talking about. here are the highs for today,
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significant. it was really warm in livermore, 76 in morgan hill. as we go into tomorrow, there will be a few more clouds as part of an onshore flow. 46 in san jose, 48 in morgan hill, and a bit of fog out there. not a lot. thursday, not a bad day. the clouds will be out there, but temperatures will be dropping off a few degrees. the weekend is what we're staring at right now. the saturday storm has legs. it has some wind with it. and we'll probably also see some snow in the mountains. cold air from the north and warm air from the south will link up right over the bay area. it's going to deposit a bit of cold air, and that cold air is going to establish some shower on sunday, and snow continuing in the mountains.
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tomorrow morning, early, some sprinkles, okay? and tomorrow afternoon's commute, dry. and friday, dry. friday afternoon, commute will be cloudy but dry, and here's what i'm tracking right here. it shows up about 7, 8:00 a.m. saturday morning. this is a deal-breaker for a lot of us. baseball games won't be happening in most areas around the bay. there will be a winter storm barning up there in the afternoon. sunday, you think you're clear, another impulse comes through. tomorrow, low 60s, not low 70s like today, and for your weekend, it doesn't feel like spring. what about long-range forecast for the next few weeks? it looks like we have more rain coming. so we're kind of getting into a
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winter pattern. >> it's now winter instead of spring. coming up on bay area news at 7, san francisco faces some real business. how to address a sticky problem involving inmates. and we have video from the scene of an apparent murder- suicide in brentwood. will there be tebow time on broadway? we'll break down the nfl trade talk today.
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we ought to buy california, we ought to eat california. >> a former san francisco mayor was urging people to put california fruits and vegetables in their grocery baskets. the eat local fair drew hundreds of people. roger goode el and the -- goodell and the nfl came down on the saints hard today. >> they got sacked, you might say.
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they have two basic rules, don't cheat and don't lie about it. the saints did both. sean peyton is the first nfl coach ever to get suspended for a whole season. peyton tried to cover up the infractions of their defense's bounty program. general manager micky loomis will also meet fines. what's unclear is the penalties for the players of bounty gate. and look out, new york, you might get a bit of tebow-mania. there were some financial
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hangups here, but that has been cleared. and let's talk baseball. the giants visited cleveland. giants win 5-3. the as also lost to kansas city today, 8-3. >> thank you, fred. friends and family are remaining vigilant tonight as they search for a missing teenager from morgan hill. coming up tonight, the late e- on the search for seer -- the latest on the search for sierra lamar. we'll bring that to you tonight at 10. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu.
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